The media announced the engagement of Rihanna

СМИ сообщили о помолвке Рианны
Fans congratulate the singer.

СМИ сообщили о помолвке Рианны



29-year-old Rihanna
finally found his chosen one! As reported by overseas media, including singer
got engaged with her boyfriend, Saudi billionaire Hassan Jamil. And soon,
indirectly confirming that the information held about her engagement,
Rihanna appeared in public with a sparkling ring on the engagement finger.

demonstrated jewel during his trip to Madison
Square Garden on the show Chris Rock. Not
to notice a ring Rihanna was simply impossible, besides, she not only
tried to hide him from the paparazzi, but the next day she posted a photo on
his page in the social network. How did you consider reporters
isreplace on hand Rihanna jewel was adorned with one very large
a diamond in the center and a dozen is also not a small transparent stones

That night
Hassan next to the singer was not happening, however, it is not surprising, because
he is a very busy businessman. However, the last time he sees his beloved
quite often. So, they had fun together at a party on Halloween,
held in the restaurant. At some point, as witnessed guests
the party, he sat her on his lap and gently kissed me on the lips…

We recall that in the first
once the paparazzi photographed Rihanna kissing Jamil in
June, during a holiday in Spain. The pictures were taken when nothing
suspecting the singer froliced in the pool, located on-site
she rented a private Villa, with the imposing Spaniard. Rihanna in a tiny bikini, and her boyfriend looked like he was on
seventh heaven from happiness. In between kisses, they laughed and
fooling around, from time to time making a couple of SIPS of champagne from glasses, standing
on the edge of the pool.

And later it became known that the Rihanna affair ensued, not in the summer, but much earlier – at the beginning of the year.
Moreover, in order to see him, the singer made regular voyages to the
London, where most of the time Jamil lives. Here they were able a long
time to communicate secretly without drawing the attention of the paparazzi.

Rihanna with Hassan Jamil