Брак Натали Портман под угрозой
The actress and her husband are close to divorce.

Natalie Portman with her husband

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Until recently, colleagues Natalie Portman in show business was jealous of her
happy marriage. Portman and her husband Benjamin Millepied was considered
almost exemplary couple. Alas, as it became known, Natalie and her husband are close to

The paparazzi are always watching Portman, could not fail to notice that
she’s already more than a month not wearing his wedding ring, which had not
shot under any circumstances. Besides, the couple rarely appear
together. And one friend of the actress told the reporter of the newspaper “Star” that the family of Natalie and really appeared
serious problems.

When Benjamin and Natalie met in 2009 on the set of the film “Black
Swan”, where he was a choreographer, Millipied was considered a rising star of the ballet. To
also, he was predicted a career in the leadership of the Paris Opera Ballet. Predictions come true and in 2015 he was
appointed Director of the company. Natalie and Benjamin, who played the wedding in 2012
he settled in Paris, where everyone seemed to be quite happy raising
his son, Aleph.

But then a career wife actress went wrong and he lost his
post. Since then, their family and the problems started. Losing a job, Millepied
was forced to follow his famous wife, wherever she
heading for the next shooting. Currently the actress is working in London on
the movie “Annihilation”. And Benjamin, which, moreover, it is not like
in Britain, suffering from wounded pride. Because until it had already heard,
what he began to call not differently, as “Mr. Portman”. Will he be able to accept
their situation and re-establish relations with Natalie, time will tell. And while
sad Portman spends his spare time alone that more than once
managed to shoot the paparazzi.

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