The marriage of Katie Zsuzsa lasted three months

Брак Кати Жужи не продлился и трех месяцев

The businessman said about the breakup with the star of “House-2”, but fans don’t believe. Just a few days ago, the couple were happy together.

The attitude of the Union St. Petersburg businessman and anchor of the popular TV show from fans were mixed. Just over a year ago Oleg Vinnik lost in the crash of the whole family. And then met Katya Zhuzha, he broke out strong feelings.

After a while, the couple announced their wedding, but fans were troubled by the question: if not in a hurry, love? Just has to forget about the tragedy of Oleg, you need a lot of time. Not upset whether this fledgling relationship?..

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Alas, in less than three months, winnick announced the parting with his wife.

“The issue with Kate is closed. We all have different orbits. I landed in St. Petersburg and ask You not to ask me questions about my personal life,” wrote a businessman on his personal page in Instagram.

Really couple decided to terminate the relationship? Or spouse of a leading “House-2” jumped to conclusions after a quarrel with his?

By the way, most fans do not believe in what happened. Just three days ago, Susan was lecturing in the social network live with her husband. Judging by the roller, no quarrel between the spouses was not. In short, while fans of the star couple can only guess and, of course, to believe the best.

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Wedding of Zsuzsa Katya and Oleg winnick, recall, took place on 24 July 2016. Only a few days later, the lovebirds decided to tell about a significant event in their life to fans. Susan posted in his Instagram photo, which shows her hand with a wedding ring on the ring finger. Honeymoon the couple spent in Dubai (read more HERE).