The marriage of George Clooney bursting at the seams

Брак Джорджа Клуни трещит по швам The Western media discuss the rift in the family of Hollywood actor. According to the tabloids, George and Amal had a falling out and parted. The insider claims that the lawyer wants to have a baby, but her boyfriend is not ready for replenishment in the family, supposedly so the happiness of the couples at risk.

      In Western publications have reported that 55-year-old George Clooney got tired of the problems in the relationship with 38-year-old Amal Alamuddin. An insider from one of the tabloids that is referenced by many media outlets, claims that the reason for separation of spouses led to numerous disagreements between them. In an article titled “Trouble in Paradise” it is reported that the marriage of Amal and George hanging in the balance and the couple allegedly left. It is therefore possible that celebrity divorce and divide the marital property, which is estimated at $ 300 million.

      Title: how Amal Alamuddin got themselves married to George Clooney

      “They still love each other but realize that they want different things from life. When George and Amal announced their relationship, friends found them a perfect couple. But now a part of their environment expects of divorce. Amal constantly pressured George, demanding to have children. At first he reluctantly agreed, but later recanted his words. Therefore, Amal crushed. At the moment, they live different lives… In the case of divorce Amal will get the status and a Villa on lake Como”, – says a source from one of the tabloids.

      Celebrities had no immediate comment on the situation. Later, another tabloid reported that the news about the divorce of Hollywood actor and famous lawyer is a complete fabrication. Correspondents Gossip Cop is not found in the material counterparts of evidence about problems in the marriage Clooney. However, it should be noted that this publication too is not an entirely reliable source of information. It has repeatedly denied various publications about stars. For example, in February 2016, the journal stated that rumors about the quarrels in the family Jolie and pitt are totally unfounded. But the fall of Hollywood stars all announced the divorce.

      Children of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt will live with the mother

      Recall that Amal Alamuddin has married George Clooney in September 2014. The wedding of a lawyer and actor, was held in Venice. The lovers and their guests arrived at the wedding on boats. To congratulate George and Amal were visited by many famous people including Cindy Crawford, bill Murray, Bono, Anna Wintour, Matt Damon and many others. It is worth noting that the stars reacted calmly to the many paparazzi and fans flooded the embankments and bridges. Celebrities happily greeted them, waving his arms.