The Manager of Britney Spears sued her in court for non-payment of work “errand boy”

Менеджер Бритни Спирс подал на нее в суд за неоплату работы «мальчиком на побегушках»

The former Princess of the pop scene, Britney Spears will have a showdown with her ex-Manager Sam Lutfi.

In the California court of appeal recently Mr. Lutfi had filed a lawsuit in which he demands that Spears ‘ payment of all the money that she allegedly owed him.

As Sam says, in 2007-2008 she worked for some time with Britney, was well received in the house and even served as the personal requests and orders. Then the singer was in a critical emotional state (due to drug use she temporarily lost custody of his sons – approx.ed.) because hired to work the employee didn’t check and not even made with him a formal contract.

In a verbal understanding Sam and Brittany came to an agreement that Lutfi salary will be 15% of the amount Spears earns.

According to plaintiff, his duties had clear boundaries: he had to deal with both parties, and shopping.

“At that moment I was one of those rare people whom she trusted”, reads the statement of the man.

In 2008, the collaboration with the singer Lutfi ended, as it later admitted the mother of Britney, due to the fact that he was supplying her daughter with drugs. Money for his work, Sam has not received and now requires a court of this payment.

By the way, mom, Spears, Lutfi was later called a liar and even sued, accusing the woman of slander.

What amount of money requires Lutfi from the family Spears, not specified.


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