The Manager, johnny Depp confirmed that the actor was beaten amber heard

Менеджер Джонни Деппа подтвердил, что актер избивал Эмбер Херд
Amber refused to comment on this statement.

Johnny Depp


in an old case that seemed closed, there has been a new twist. The thing
that Joel Mandel — one of the former managers
the actor, with whom johnny Depp is currently suing for the money, filed a formal
the petition. In it, he claims he can confirm the charges
against johnny his now ex-wife, according to

Amber heard last spring declared that became a victim of abuse
from the side of her husband, broke out a terrible scandal. The actress posted then
Network pictures of the injuries she received, as she claimed as a result of beatings
Depp. She also cited the testimony of witnesses. However, the injury was not heard
time documented by the police. And when
her key witness — the assistant of the actor, in correspondence with which it is presented, refused
from his words, it finally collapsed. Depp in the divorce with amber still
agreed then to pay her 7
millions of dollars, which she donated to charity.

this seemed to be the story ended. But now Joel Mandel solemnly assured: he
knows what Depp gets amber. And assistant actor, SMS correspondence which
was one of the main evidence heard was quite true. According to Joel, the assistant behaved in a way because it was coerced by Depp. The outcome of this story
show trial.

as for the Hurd, although reports of the testimony of Mandela has already appeared in
the press, she remained silent. She, most likely, just not up to it. After all
amber’s in the Prime of her dizzying affair with billionaire Elon Musk, whom she
started Dating last year.