Руководство «ДОМа-2» прокомментировало слухи о сносе съемочной площадки In a press-service of the TV channel TNT has answered the questions concerning the fate of the project “DOM-2”. Recently came the news of the demolition of the famous set, but the leadership still hopes to avoid such a development.
Руководство «ДОМа-2» прокомментировало слухи о сносе съемочной площадки

Show “DOM-2” has a controversial reputation. During the 14 years of its existence, the project has gained a huge army of fans, but the number of his enemies is growing exponentially. Anyway, with high ratings on the closure of the programme could not be considered.

And that’s when the haters got desperate and, in the case entered the Moscow administration. It turned out that near the territory of what is now the film set of “House-2” should pass the new highway. In place of the Clearing and at all will appear to stop under the sonorous name of “Antonovka”.

Of course, fans immediately began to sound the alarm, but the management of the TNT channel hastened to reassure them. The press service noted that they hope for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

“We have a valid contract with the contractor and we are confident that it will perform its obligations under the contract”, — said representatives of the channel.
Руководство «ДОМа-2» прокомментировало слухи о сносе съемочной площадки

At this point, the sets of the show located in the village Letov Grove. On a plot size of three acres located houses in which reside the stars of the project. To move from this place no one wants, because the businessman Alexander Karmanov spent about fifty million dollars to build the set. Here the participants of the project moved to 2014, and since then the place has become a cult for everyone who wants to build a love under a sight of television cameras.

Moscow authorities are going to demolish the set of “House-2”

Earlier it emerged that the government knew about the ongoing shootings in the disputed acres. At the time of development of the project roads, neither of which Meadow was not known. The news about the possible demolition of the set has caused an incredibly violent reaction in social networks. Many haters of the project is glad that they can be at least temporarily closed.

However, judging by the TASS, heads of TV channel TNT did not intend to say goodbye to his lucrative brainchild.