The man gave Svetlana Loboda spectacular surprise

Мужчина преподнес Светлане Лободе эффектный сюрприз A fan was able to surprise the singer. Svetlana Loboda after the concert met with fans, one of which is a special way to Express your love. The celebrity was flattered by the adoration of her students and happily signed autographs.

      Мужчина преподнес Светлане Лободе эффектный сюрприз

      Popular singer Svetlana Loboda is very open to communicate with fans and gladly gives them their creativity, but also shares some highlights from his personal life. Loyal fans, in turn, seek any means to show love to the artist and to attract her attention.

      After the concert Svetlana Loboda behind the scenes met with representatives of the fan club. One of the fans was able to surprise the singer. He showed the tattoo on his shoulder, and was full of portrait of a beloved artist. An admirer of Svetlana have told, that exclusive design sketch was designed by him personally.

      Мужчина преподнес Светлане Лободе эффектный сюрприз

      During the conversation, Svetlana found out that the fan was a mechanical engineer. The greater part of his life he spent in the sea where songs of the artist become his inspiration, inspire and help to overcome difficulties. Agitated acquaintance with Svetlana fan asked favorite singer to sign on his shoulder and said he would try for as long as possible to preserve its signature. Loboda was moved by this attention from her listeners.

      “None of the artists do not cause such excitement as Svetlana Loboda. For her performances we always highly extensible platform to accommodate all wishing to attend her show, but every time seats in the hall is still not enough! Sure, how many concerts did not give the singer – she will always have her full houses,” – said the organizers of the concert artist.

      Creativity Loboda causes a flurry of positive emotions not only to the loyal admirers of her talent. Not so long ago on one of the holidays, were invited to the singer, she won the author of the book “Love lasts three years Frederic Beigbeder. The man, in the time when she sang on stage, decided to come closer, and then began to applaud. The French writer could not restrain the surging emotions on him. Frederick jumped up on stage and fervently admitted to Svetlana in love, while standing on knees. During the execution of the hit “down with love” Frederick grabbed the microphone and began to sing along with celebrities. This Duo broke the storm of audience applause.

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