The main womanizer “House-2” decided to marry

Главный бабник «Дома-2» решил жениться The reality show participant and his fiancee were winners of the first season of the project in the Seychelles. She managed to beat the rivals and win the heart of Ivan Bursikova. Now they want to get married.

      On the eve it became known the results of voting viewers for the finalists of reality show “Dom-2. The island of love”. The winners were Ivan Barzakov and Irina Pinchuk. During the week the fans chose who is worthy to receive the coveted million. Barsikow and Pinchuk with a huge margin ahead of Alexander Zadoinov and Mexico.

      Live Ivan has made to Irina the hand and heart, which the girl gladly accepted. This event also contributed to the increase in votes. The difference in the lovers with another couple up to 17%. The man shared good movie in his microblog. In the short video of Barsikow shouts that they won, and throws up banknotes. Apparently, the reality show participant and his fiancee very happy. Now they think, how and where to organize the wedding.

      From the very beginning of the project Irina Pinchuk was determined to win. She had to be around 11 other girls, which by any means tried to win the heart of the singles of Seychelles. The girl admitted in an interview that he would like to defer received a million for an apartment. Now that a couple announced to their fans, where they will live.

      In turn, informed Ivan Barzakov explained to fans that he will do if we win the project. “I all and Sundry, accused of insincerity and commercialism. I want to say that if you win the money I give to charity to an orphanage (the full amount, your part), just after the draft Ira returned to the clearing to continue to build their relationship,” wrote the man in the social network.

      Irina Pinchuk and Ivan Barzakov not immediately able to get along with each other. First, the project member was interested in another girl, a striking brunette tried to get close to Zadoinov. Because Irina between Bursikova and second holatka even was a fight. Alexander fell from the powerful blow Ivan into the sea. As a result of the incident, he broke the phone. Alexander Zadoinov beat a girl