The main witness on the case of Weinstein are trying to silence

Главную свидетельницу по делу Вайнштейна пытаются заставить замолчать
Police issued a warrant for the arrest of rose McGowan.

Главную свидетельницу по делу Вайнштейна пытаются заставить замолчать

Harvey Weinstein


Rose McGowan


44-year-old actress rose McGowan is outraged: she is convinced that influential friends of the producer
Harvey Weinstein, whom she accused of sexual harassment, unleashed
the French police, trying to compromise. And the accusations that have been made
Rose, it considers fabricated.

It all started with the fact that the actress said: a warrant for her arrest. Learning
about it, she came to the police and was released on bail of 5 thousand
dollars. McGowan was charged, which made her very surprised. According to
the police, in the plane in which it
was flying last month, has been found which are said to belong to her,
the experts found traces of cocaine. And then she decided to blame
the possession of drugs. Rose allegedly sent a summons, according to which, it
had to report to the police. And when she did not appear, a warrant was issued for
arrest. At the same time, the actress claims that any agenda is not received. McGowan
sure — just want
to compromise, as a witness in the case of Weinstein.

Recall, rose was the first person who has accused Weinstein of harassment. It
was back in the 90’s, but then no one would believe her. After all, it was about
“the all-powerful Harvey”, as it was called then Weinstein. And this year, when 8 more
Hollywood Actresses accused Weinstein of sexual harassment,
broke out a huge scandal. And then to them began to join the all-new
and new women… And among them were such stars as Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth
Paltrow. Moreover, the number of ladies willing to testify in
court against Harvey, it grows like a snowball. At the moment they already
more 20, and at least three of them accused him of rape. Against
Weinstein has already started the police investigation.

Only now remembered everything about the old charges rose. And it is considered now
one of the main witnesses in the case. And when you consider that religious feminist
McGowan silence is difficult, Weinstein, she thinks, decided
to use accumulated them over the years to destroy it