The main types of foundations

Основные типы фундаментов

The Foundation is the basis of any home. Consider the choice of the Foundation and its arrangement is taken seriously. We will talk about the basic types of foundations for those who have just started thinking about building their own home.

There are 3 basic classification of Foundation:

  • the depth of laying;
  • design features;
  • a view of the supporting structure.

Slightly deepened foundations

It is the foundations which transfer load on the basis of only the pressure. It sole needs to be within the depth of frost penetration is the Foundation slab, slightly deepened – strip Foundation. These foundations permanently you need to insulate. If they are not warm in the winter can cause cracks.

Shallow Foundation

It is the foundations of houses in which there are underground, basements, cellars.
Another type of Foundation is deep Foundation. This type of Foundation transfer the load with the help of the sole, the lateral friction force , protecting load-bearing structures. Such foundations include buildings in which there are 2 full underground floor.

Deep Foundation

This is the Foundation which carries the load-bearing soil layers which are far away from the earth’s surface. This kind of type of Foundation is called a (pile). The pile transfers the load through pressure on the end of the pile and the friction of the side surfaces of the ground.

On the constructive characteristics of these foundations are divided into stopdate, belt , slotted-space, precast blocks or short piles, cross-system tapes or tile, box, the space-frame.

Spatial frame can be small shallow, low-depth and buried. Ie they can be happy slab foundations in a range of soil freezing and made for them the pits.

By referring to the load-bearing structures, foundations share: under columns, under the walls, under the spacer structure, under the posts and under the building.