The main stars of “Euro 2016”

Главные звезды «Евро-2016»
9 famous football names championship, which starts today in France.

Today in France
start of “Euro 2016”, and this means that millions of girls at the time to “lose”
their husbands or Boyfriends. The beautiful half of Russia’s population
waiting for the full “occupation” of men and their friends apartment as a whole, and TV
in particular. And not to spend nerves to quarrel with his half, we just
will have to love football. About our team going to hear a lot of words, and not very good. We invite you to get acquainted with the most
bright players “Euro 2016”. Remember these names. In the next few weeks you will hear them often.

Cristino Ronaldo

Главные звезды «Евро-2016»

Photo: Splash News/East news

Cristiano Ronaldo in particular needs no introduction. Portuguese athlete long
won the respect of male fans for his talent and admiration
the fairer sex for their model’s appearance.

Glory has not got
Cristiano on the silver platter. The great football star started
your career from the bottom — a little-known team “Andorinha”, in
administration where his father worked. Gradually, step by step, Ronaldo’s talent led him to “Manchester United”. Thanks
the efforts of head coach of the club, sir Alex Ferguson, the football starts
the era of Ronaldo. In 2009, the English club sells Cristiano for a record
the amount of $ 80 million to real Madrid. From that moment the player gets
the status of the highest-paid. His annual income in the
“Real” is more than $ 30 million. He also regularly appears in
the Portuguese national team.

In the personal life of the athlete
things are not going so well. Since the breakup with Irina Shayk for him
several times attributed to new loves, but none of them are
lasted long enough. By the way, note to the ladies, which aim at him
spouses: be prepared that after the wedding, your name will be not so stellar.
Cristiano Ronaldo — double of the player’s name, and the name of his shower
Santos Aveiro.

Thomas Muller

Главные звезды «Евро-2016»

The football team
Germany’s Thomas Mueller since childhood showed great sporting hopes. For the first time he
entered the field in four years, and 18 years later received the title of best
scorer of the world.

Oddly enough, it
he began his career with infinite waiting on the bench. But Thomas was able
yet to prove himself in those few minutes at the end of the game when it was released
on the field. And pretty quickly he became the best player of the German “Bavaria”. Young
the man has a surprising ability: it is universal and can
to take any position on the field. Fame did not spoil Muller: colleagues argue that it is not conflict, always and everywhere goes to meet and was never seen in the scandals.

Amateur girls were
enchanted by his blue eyes and smile, but in 2009, their hearts and
hopes have been dashed. He married a model named Lisa, the couple attends together
social events. Incidentally, my wife has instilled in Thomas a new hobby:
now, in addition to football training, Muller is interested in riding.

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  • Главные звезды «Евро-2016»
    Cristiano Ronaldo


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