The main rules design small apartments

Главные правила в дизайне маленьких квартир

The owners of Cartier-studios, one-room and just malogabaritok always face the same problem — how to squeeze their square meters maximum. We learned the architect Kira Salmanovo how to make a small apartment comfortable for a large family.

Главные правила в дизайне маленьких квартир

The expert recommends to start to gather the whole family and to identify critical needs, set the priorities in the placement of furniture and things. It is best to write a script for working days and weekends. It will be easier to arrange furniture and things.

Главные правила в дизайне маленьких квартир

If it is decided to change the layout of the apartment, it is recommended to consult with experts. If not, then maybe just to zone the room. This is achieved by installing partitions, cabinets, curtains. Possible Studio layout apartment is not really suitable for a family — each member must have their own “area” for themselves. Any person lives its own rhythm, doing his thing at home. A child should have a quiet environment for homework.

Главные правила в дизайне маленьких квартир

As for the cuisine, then combine it with rooms not a very rational decision. Should take care of their own vacation, because small children will never leave you alone in this apartment. Today is very common to find a joint entrance hall and living room. There are many opponents of such an approach, but says Kira Salmanova, it visually expands the space in the apartment, giving more space for easy furniture placement.

Very often in small apartments kitchen combined with living room. This increases the working space. It is already possible to place a large table to receive guests.

Главные правила в дизайне маленьких квартир

The architect recommends major changes in the bathroom. The right decision, according to Kira Selmanovic, is the Association of the bathroom with toilet. This layout will allow to install additional cabinets that can be conveniently folded underwear and things like that. This allows advantageous use of available space in the bedroom.

In small apartments should allocate space for the interests of each resident. It is also important to think about the places where the family will be together to spend leisure time and entertain guests. To do this, it is also important that there is free space in the apartment.

Главные правила в дизайне маленьких квартир

Ideally, the layout of the apartment has two bathrooms. This allows to organize a full bathroom with toilet and additional for guests or when the primary is busy.

Главные правила в дизайне маленьких квартир

The main problem in a small apartment is storage. The architect advised to keep the right things in different areas. For example, in a hall-to put a large wardrobe for clothing and used things: shoes, hats, umbrellas and so on.

The living room is any furniture (cupboards, drawers) to store General things. The ideal option is the availability of Cabinet each member of the family. If the size of the apartment, try to merge your stuff in one Cabinet, but be sure to allocate a separate wardrobe for a child. This will help to accustom him to order, and to maintain order in the apartment.

It is also important to allocate space for household chemicals and items for washing. You can buy a small wardrobe in the bathroom and put it next to the washing machine. And for dirty things to select special bin.

Главные правила в дизайне маленьких квартир

To create comfort in small apartments should be as small as possible to use notable places to store things, and adapt to this built-in and hidden premises. This allows you to secure the release of spaces, creating the illusion of a large room. In turn the free space allows you to arrange the furniture in a comfortable position or install a different designer decor rooms.

In the bedrooms it is also desirable to hide all kinds of cabinets and where you store things. It is also possible to use different unique designer items. It will emphasize the rich inner world of the owners of the room, and visitors will be delighted with the chosen design things. It is very important to choose the right lighting for bedrooms. Now there are regulatory switches the main light, but the bedside lamps and a floor lamp in the room no one refuses, to this day.

A small room is to do one color. It is advisable to use light colors, highlighting the nuances of different areas in the room. Ceilings and floors may differ from the chosen color scheme. It depends on the taste preferences of the owner of the room. Also if the apartment has lots of doors, you should choose similar tones of the doors with a common color space. This approach allows to reduce the visual load on human and slightly increase the space of the apartment.

Decorating should be followed with special care. Because a large number of small things will further reduce the visual area of Your room. However, they will accumulate dust on itself, which would hinder the cleaning of the apartment. But if you want to highlight, such as gifts or Souvenirs collected all over the world, then you must do it in a glass rack. It is important to use a variety of designer items. They are made in all shapes and colors approach that diverts attention from the small dimensions of the apartment.

For assistance in preparing the material thank the architect Kira Salmanovo.

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