Главная сваха России вышла замуж ради пальто с подкладкой

And these people tell us how to create a happy marriage. The most famous teleshko Russian television rose Sabitova, host of the TV show “let’s get married”, which for the past eight years connects the fate of people, not only on screen but also in his marriage Agency, admitted that for the first time married not for the big and pure love, but for the sake of coat.

Rose did not conceal from her husband that marries without love.
“I told him not to love him, and he answered, that his love is enough for two. And so it happened: I gave birth to two beautiful children, and his attitude to me, I loved him and will always be grateful” said rose.
Calculation Sabitova was simple: she had a coat with a lining, and the man she married, could afford to buy it.
“When I got married, I had a coat without lining, and I knew that the right man who will love me and will do anything for me. And buy a new coat, including. He had a nice pedigree, Golden parents a nice apartment, car, house, here it is for good and married” — said the woman.
Having vast experience in semestrielle, Sabitova is safe to say that the wife should always serve her husband, regardless of her education and financial status.
“If a woman is smart, the last words of men will always be: “Yes, dear”” says rose.

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