“The magnificent century. Empire Kesem”: what to expect from the creators of the cult series?

«Великолепный век. Империя Кесем»: чего ждать от создателей культового сериала? The first season of the new part of the historical Saga will surprise viewers. “StarHit” visited Istanbul, where I visited the pavilions with the decorations, which were shooting the series. Also the correspondent managed to visit at a press conference with the participation of the Director and actors of the film.

      «Великолепный век. Империя Кесем»: чего ждать от создателей культового сериала?

      Turkish company TIMS Productions produced for the Russian audience a new part of the beloved series “the Magnificent century. Empire Kesem” which begins tomorrow, January 7th at 19:00 on channel Dомашний. At the moment in the suburbs of Istanbul are working on the second season of the historical Saga. “StarHit” saw the unique scenery built for the show and also talked to people who take part in the filming.

      “The magnificent century. Empire Kesem” brings the viewer to the Ottoman Empire of the early 17th century. The new head of state becomes the young Sultan Ahmed I, who succeeded to the throne of his father, who tragically died from the disease. By order of the powerful Saphia Sultan, his grandmother, from the Greek island of Kefalonia kidnapped the daughter of a Venetian merchant, Anastasia, which will be one of the concubines of the ruler. The main role of a young Ahmed played by popular Turkish actor Ekin Koc.

      According to star of the series, while training for the role, he studied historical documents collected by a specialist at Istanbul University.

      “My Ahmed-ridden fears. Sometimes people are under the power of ambition, but to Ahmed it is not the same problem. He’s not, he’s just a man. For him it was an accident that he so young had the opportunity to sit on the throne. Probably, such a situation attracted me. In the Affairs of the state, the situation was terrifying, especially with the economy. Treasures of the Empire were in possession of Saphia Sultan, and therefore the control over the army was completely dependent on her. She seized power over the funds she had great authority. With the help of pashas, she organized a system that worked well – she was able to influence people. To the young Sultan in such a situation without the experience of administration of the province was difficult,” said Koch.
      «Великолепный век. Империя Кесем»: чего ждать от создателей культового сериала?

      A special role in the new part devoted to the Greek Anastasia, which then becomes not only the woman he loved Ahmed I, but also smart and intelligent ruler. She played a young actress Anastasia Zilino. Despite the fact that it was difficult for her to speak Turkish, she quickly joined the team working on the picture. Anastasia what the viewer sees in the role of the woman of Ahmed I to the 7th episode of the first season.

      “I think I love Kesem from the very first moment, when I only sent the part. When I read the script, immediately realized that Kasem is me. Amazing coincidence: we have the same names, and we’re both from Greece. What else we have in common with Anastasia and makes really similar – we’re both highly emotional and given to feelings 100%. We both love passionately! Nastya is a very strong girl, she knows that most of all loves his family and the island, and that love allows her to survive in the Palace. Memories make it stronger! But, of course, she really loves Ahmed”, – said Anastasia.

      «Великолепный век. Империя Кесем»: чего ждать от создателей культового сериала?

      “StarHit” managed to get acquainted with other musicians in the lead female role in the series. In the second season of “Magnificent century. Empire Kesem” the wise Sultan was played by Nurgul Esily. According to the Director of Chagatai, However, the series specifically involve three different women, each of them was to convey the image of the heroine in particular her age. At a press conference organized by the creators of the films for Russian journalists, Nurgul told what was Kasem in its execution.

      “We play the role of different Kesem. My Sultan is already hard woman, as hard times came. I do not compare myself to others,” admitted Esily.

      The creators of the cult TV series claim that despite the success of the first part of the series “Magnificent century. Empire Kesem” in Turkey, they are not yet sure that it will continue to have such high ratings. “It is our job, we need to show the audience a new part,” said the Chagatai Tosun, noting that it is much more important than any grade.