The magic of the moon: Christian Louboutin has dedicated a collection to the space

Магия Луны: Christian Louboutin посвятил коллекцию космосу

The legendary Shoe brand released a capsule collection inspired by the Moon and the cosmos.

Spring-summer collection of Christian Louboutin have a spectacular enlarged capsule line with a romantic name Claire du Lune (“magic in the moonlight”). Each pair is decorated with a scattering of colored crystals four types of ruby, pink, tangerine, sky blue and silver colors.

The designer tried to bring in a new line of realistic twinkling stars in the moonlight. Luminescent effect is achieved thanks to the special technique of application, specially developed in the Atelier of Christian Louboutin. Rhinestones are applied by hand in a specific order, depending on the desired effect: colorful clusters or across the surface of the suede.

By the way, crystals adorn both female and male models. The collection includes stilettos, slip-on shoes, ballet flats and sneakers.

Specifically for the outlet collection Claire du Lune, the brand invited renowned Illustrator Katie Rodgers to make some watercolor drawings that reflect the “cosmic” concept of the ruler.

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