К Мадонне вернулся ее «блудный сын»
Rocco moved to new York.

Madonna and son Rocco


Madonna admitted one of her friends that she’s perfectly happy — after all, her eldest son will live again with her! As it became known, 17-year-old Rocco, which
last year and a half spent in Britain with the ex-spouse of the singer and his father, guy Ritchie, returns to her in new York.

Over the past year in the relations of Rocco and Madonna has been a marked warming.
After all, last autumn, when the young man still ran away from his mother, he is not
wanted not only to see her, but even talking to her on the phone. And only
gradually I come to London, and conducting with Rocco, Madonna was able to re-establish
a relationship with him. Say that this really helped her and her eldest daughter Lourdes.
A little over a week ago Rocco came to new York to take
participation in the celebration of the 59th birthday of the Madonna and photographed
with my mother, her sister Lourdes and three sisters and
brother Madonna adopted from Malawi.

By the way, Rocco comes to America not only for the reunification with
mother. The fact that his friend — Brooklyn Beckham (eldest son of David) —
persuaded young to engage in learning. The Brooklyn, as you know, this fall
will start — he will study the art of photography. And Rocco,
who likes to experiment with “camera”, decided that he too wanted
to try…

Recall that Rocko ran away from mother in September 2015. He then went to visit
Guy, and then refused to return. Then Madonna tried to get my son back
through the courts, but law enforcement agencies concluded that young man
it would be better to stay with her father in London…