Снимок Любови Успенской с дочерью наделал много шума в Сети Sole heir of the artist lives abroad and therefore rarely come to parents. The more valuable each minute that Love assumption holds with Tatiana Plaksina. Recently the Queen of chanson told on social networks about what a strong connection she feels with her child. Publication stars caused heated discussions among its subscribers.

      Снимок Любови Успенской с дочерью наделал много шума в Сети

      On 8 July the whole of Russia celebrated the Day of family. After a couple of days after this event, Lubov Uspenskaya posted on his Instagram a photo op with her daughter. On her the popular singer showed how much he loves his 26-year-old heiress Tatiana Plaksina. Celebrity also noted that all parents will understand her.

      Publication the artist has supplied a photograph, which can be seen as she passionately kisses the sole heir.

      The assumption caused heated discussions among its subscribers. The most devoted fans of the singer supported her and said that they themselves are parents. They also revealed that children are the most valuable thing that can be a person. “Love, admire you and Tanya! Be happy”, “I love my son, he’s madly in love. And I don’t see that love is nothing bad. This is happiness. And if your child is not shy of adults to show those feelings then it’s double happiness. It’s cool,” “Children for mothers are still children, even if they are under 50. Perhaps for some it’s a photo “too” because there is a model of improper behavior,” they wrote in the comments to the entry assumption.

      “The relationship between mother and daughter is so strong. All who have children, I definitely understand” — wrote in his microblog Lyubov Uspenskaya.
      Снимок Любови Успенской с дочерью наделал много шума в Сети

      We will remind that Tatyana Plaksina — daughter Lyubov Uspenskaya and her fourth spouse of the businessman Alexander Plaksin. Queen of chanson married to him for nearly 30 years. His only daughter gave birth to the assumption later. As said Love in an interview, her first children — twin boys — died almost immediately after his birth. Celebrity really took it hard and therefore quite a long time did not dare to become a mother. But in the end overcame himself and did not regret it.

      After high school, Tatiana went to America to study classical literature and journalism. Lyubov Uspenskaya was very worried when her daughter was away from home. The actress told reporters that madly yearned for his successor, which fortunately is extremely rare. In these tough assumption while my husband celebrity tried to support and reassure her.

      At the moment, the daughter of the assumption is a teacher of yoga. The girl is professionally engaged in this practice for several years. Tatiana loves to travel and draw. At the moment Plaksina lives in Europe, and in Russia periodically come to visit family and friends.

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      1. Whoever wrote this article and another I read, I would assume is a very illiterate person. Constantly addressing Uspenskaya as “he”, being completely lost in who is a husband. To read these articles is difficult because of this, and the interest is lost. All I can say: shame, shame, shame.

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