Лукерья Ильяшенко научилась бороться с веснушками
Star of TV series “the RAID” and “Sweet life” suffers from the sun.

The Lukeria Ilyashenko

Photo: photo from personal archive of Lukeria Ilyashenko

Every summer, the actress has a problem: it is a little sun — and the nose immediately poured bright freckles. “On the one hand, they do not interfere too much with the other if necessary, have them mask Foundation”, — says Ilyashenko. In General, going on vacation, Lusha puts it in a suitcase not only a swimsuit, hat and sunglasses, but also a reserve of protective cream with SPF 50 to protect yourself from the sun. “Freckles are not the only problem. I have very fair skin, and, if not protected, she blushes easily burns and hurts. For the same reason, do not go to the Solarium,” says the star.

Taking care of the person, the actress often uses Korean masks, which are perfectly clean and whiten face. Uses a variety of oils. “Skin to moisturize with almond oil. If you mix it with oil of lemongrass makes a wonderful mask” — shares his experience Lusha.

Secrets of beauty 28-year-old actress a lot. No accident that she would never have to prepare for beach season. “All year round I like to wear things that accentuate the figure,” she says. The star is always watching food, doing ballet… that helps her always to be, read here.