The lukeria Ilyashenko: “I had a very shameful!”

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Со мной произошло нечто очень постыдное!»
The actress burst into tears in the hypermarket of household appliances.

The Lukeria Ilyashenko

The lukeria Ilyashenko, which is well known
fans, including, for her role in the TV series “Sweet life”, talked about
that her life was not so “sugar” like on TV. Recently, the actress
bought an apartment in Moscow and as the girl is extremely independent, she personally
makes repairs to it. How much effort and nerves is the Lusha this process — known
only her and her pillow soaked with tears.

“Today happened to me something very shameful. I
cried in the hardware store. Here just stood and cried at the checkout
not even trying to hide from prying eyes your ugly
emotional state, says Lusha. — What was the reason
such a failure? Probably all at once. Fatigue from endless repair, lack of
time, fear to miss something in connection with a hurry, always somewhere
volatilized money, damn the flooring is not the color that destroyed the entire
my interior concept, and of course the sellers of these hypermarkets.

If my nervous system a little less cranky, I
probably would even laugh at the situation when you personally see the character
“sloth” from the movie “Zeropolis,” which, punching the invoice for the goods
print one key per minute. But today it was the last straw.
An hour and a half the employees couldn’t let go of me damn hob and
washing machine! First, it turned out that on the last remaining machine
showcase no warranty, then the user, then the box, then decided “God is with her,
wrap film”, then they hung the system, then cut off the Internet, then
not enough space in the string in their computer program to fit my address.
A nightmare. What is wrong with the organization and the device business in this country?
Why salespeople behave as if they give you this product for
free as if a great favor you are doing? Why, in the end, in
that no poke is nothing in stock? Why is it then that is on display and