У Любови Толкалиной появился собственный театр
The actress still can not believe this is happening.

У Любови Толкалиной появился собственный театр

Lyubov Tolkalina

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

The love Tolkalina incredible changes in your life. The actress became
the owner of the theater in the center of Moscow. Having your own site was a long
dream of the stars.

“Too much for my head — says
Love. — Need to sit down, and it is better to lie down. With comprehension of the events have
my chronic trouble. Mainly because I almost always fainted
from feelings and emotions. You need to pull yourself together and accept what is happening. A package of letters
Santa Claus (aka Saint Nicholas for me since childhood, something like that
happened) turned into a stunning “the payback”: I, or rather we now have
my little theater. Chamber quite cozy area in the heart of Kitai-Gorod — Pokrovka on the Ivanovskaya hill. Now I can do anything. This three
doors of my new life. Soon to be the Internet page of the theatre. We are called #Cathedral”.

This year for the actress was very happy. Tolkalina is highly in demand as an actress: this year she starred in several
large-scale projects, which will show next year on the Central TV channels.
Happy star and her daughter Maria Mikhalkov, who grew up not only beautiful,
but also smart. This year Masha was in the UK, where my mother sent
her to improve the English level and General Outlook
16-year-old girl.