История любви Хиллари и Билла Клинтона

История любви Хиллари и Билла Клинтона

In 45 years of marriage, the most famous in US politics a couple Hillary and bill Clinton went through more than one scandal. Hillary and bill undoubtedly brilliant and exemplary policy, but can this couple be called exemplary in married life? Why did Hillary initially was afraid to marry bill Clinton, and why many forgiven of adultery? Someone needs to thank bill for his successful career?

They met at University, both studied at the faculty of law. Bill was very popular among girls, But
Hillary special attention is not attracted. But there was only one person who looked at Hillary differently!

“The first time I saw her on a couple of political and civil Affairs. She had big glasses and absolutely no makeup, she radiated power and
exposure,” recalls the 42nd President of the United States.

It’s very attracted, but more picky and careful opinion the matter did not go and Hillary took the initiative herself. They immediately found a common language, share the same political ambitions have combined these two.

“We spent a lot of time together, went to museums, had dinner. And once, when he accompanied me home, we first
kissed,” recalls Hillary.

История любви Хиллари и Билла Клинтона
The couple married and five years later they had a daughter Chelsea, and after 8 years of bill Clinton became 42nd President of the United States. But Hillary even
had no idea what challenges await them on the way to the desired White house.

During the first presidential race where bill Clinton has positioned himself and as a Democrat and as a zealous man broke
scandal. The arena went journalist Jennifer flowers and stated to the audience that for 12 years was the mistress of the candidate
the presidency of bill Clinton. Everyone was stunned by this news. Everyone was waiting for his wife’s reaction, but she calmly answered all questions of journalists, because for a long time knew about it. Lovers pierced in the moment when Jennifer gave a love note to the wrong guard, and then made a huge scandal and bill broke up with his mistress. Little did she know that this family scandal outside of their home. She understood that her reaction depends on her husband’s career in the future and its.
Therefore, a woman swallowed the insult and spoke with bill on TV. The Americans were in awe of such behavior Hillary and
soon, bill won the election. But she couldn’t even imagine that this is not the latest sex scandal that will surely go down in history
policy. Americans loved a young and progressive Democrat and his close-knit family, so the bill easily went for a second term of presidency, for which he thanked in his speech the companion of life.

After two years after the inauguration, it was reported that he was in a relationship with an Intern of the White house with 22 year old Monica

“When I was 22 I fell in love with his boss, and when I was 24 I reaped the fruits of his passion!”, recalls Monica.

The media licked the details of this affair. Monica had the court tell the details of the relations with the President of America and tell
what’s wrong with him he just had oral sex. The public was outraged not that he cheated on her in the White house, and that he was under oath and
initially denied a relationship with Lewinsky. Hillary was crushed by such a blow, she did not expect, but like last time she put a political career above family relations. She publicly made a speech and forgave the bill, but the house threw a huge scandal and moved to another bedroom.

“I was so angry that he was ready to wring his neck, because he disappointed and humiliated me. But still, I understand that bill is my
President!”, — said Hillary.

The scandal ruined his political career, he was accused of lying under oath and began impeachment proceedings. Though votes were not enough
it is because of this sex scandal ratings of the democratic party collapsed and the following election was won by Republican
George Bush.
After the end of the political career of her husband in the political arena finally comes out Hillary. First she became a Senator, and then one of
the favorites of the presidential race in 2008-m to year. At the last moment she withdrew his candidacy in favor of Barack Obama, after which he became
U.S. Secretary of state. And in the next election, it was greeted as an American hero. In 2016, the year she again concedes in presidential race Donald Trump.
All this time it supported the bill, who admitted she would never have become President if not for his loyal Hillary!

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