The love of Michael Phelps gave him a son

Возлюбленная Майкла Фелпса родила ему сына The famous athlete and 18-time Olympic champion became a father for the first time. His lover, one of the most beautiful girls of California, gave him the baby. Robert Boomer was born healthy and strong. In the future Michael Phelps is going to leave a career for family.

      Возлюбленная Майкла Фелпса родила ему сына

      Legendary swimmer and absolute champion of the Olympic games by the number of awards Michael Phelps became a father. Beloved athlete, model and miss California 2010 Nicole Johnson gave birth to his first child. The baby was born strong and healthy, as happy dad did not fail to share in his “Facebook”. “Boomer, Robert Phelps, welcome to this world! He was born may 5, 2016, healthy and happy. And this is the best feeling I have ever experienced in my life,” wrote Michael on the page.

      Subscribers of the athlete reacted to the joyful news of the addition to the family of their idol. The publication of the Phelps received several hundreds of thousands of “likes” and reposts. Phelps fans rejoiced at not less than the champion and even gave him instructions on how to raise a child. “Congratulations”, “Happy and good luck to Michael and his family”, “Dear Boomer, Robert, I hope you’ll be more famous than his dad”, “Enjoy every minute of growing up your baby, because they fly so quietly”, “Nicole, now you have become a member of one of the world’s best clubs — community mothers”, “being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs in the world”, “the Perfect name for the child, it is strong and zapominaetsya”, — expressed his emotions to the fans of Michael.

      Возлюбленная Майкла Фелпса родила ему сына

      A young mother, for which the child, as for her lover, was the first, also boasted a child in his Instagram. Subscribers Nicole congratulated her with the advent of an heir. In their opinion, he was born very beautiful and nice. “Another swimmer growing,” “We’re so happy”, “That’s adorable”, “Baby is just adorable”, “Not a child, and perfection,” wrote the admiring fans of the beautiful couple.

      We will remind that the owner of 18 gold medals of the Olympic games, Michael Phelps and his girlfriend Nicole Johnson with 2010. Last year it became known that Phelps proposed to his other half. “She said Yes”, — wrote in “Twitter” athlete. The beauty was not less laconic. “I will Mrs. Phelps” — shared it in social networks.

      By the way, in his recent interview, Michael Phelps said that the Olympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro will be his last. According to the athlete, he will devote more time to his family than his career.

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