«Король лев» стал самым кассовым мультфильмом в истории

Although most viewers were sceptical of the remake of “the lion King”, an animated film has won the hearts of not only children but also adults who grew up on the original cartoon. The best proof of this is that for the first month of hire, the remake became the highest grossing animated film in history.

The idea of creating a feature-length remake of “the lion King” at Disney appeared a few years ago. It was caused by the success of the remakes of the other “classic” animated films including “beauty and the beast”, “Aladdin”, “the jungle Book”. So, on the intent of the Studio was announced back in 2016. Then the viewer, for whom “the lion King” was one of favorite childhood cartoons (well, who didn’t cry for watching it?), with skepticism reacted to this decision by Walt Disney Pictures.

And then came the summer of 2019, the film was released worldwide. Look at the “resurgent childhood” went all: and those who were looking forward to the release of the cartoon, and those who criticized him (after all, to criticize, you must know exactly for what).

Exceeded if the animated film the expectations of the viewer is subjective, but could be expected Walt Disney Pictures, which in 2016 became the absolute champion in the world, and “the lion King” will be the highest grossing in history? But so it happened!

Per month rent the remake of “the lion King” has collected 1, 33 billion, breaking not only the record of the original cartoon 1994 – 968,4 million dollars, but “Cold heart”, which was named the highest grossing animated film in 2013, it has grossed $ 1.27 billion.

We will add that Disney originally didn’t want to ascribe to remake the status of the animated film, despite the fact that it is based on computer graphics. The creators have defined the genre as “living film”. It is because of the graphics many spectators and “hastily” updated version, saying it distorts the perception of the characters, and the “busy” talking animals can affect the psyche of children.

It should be noted that on the commercial success of the cartoon also greatly affected the sale of the “merch” — Souvenirs with the logo and the images of the heroes of “the lion King”.

Recall that the original cartoon 1994 has not only become one of the favorite among viewers, but also won one Oscar and two Golden globes.

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