The life of Anna Semenovich was under threat due to complications

Жизнь Анны Семенович оказалась под угрозой из-за осложнений
Operated on the road the singer had provided emergency assistance.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

Last week, the Network discussed the pregnancy of Anna Semenovich. At a concert in Kazakhstan singer showed rounded belly, which everyone took as a sure sign that she is in an interesting “position”. However, the reality was not so. Belly the artist is really a bit increased in size, but as it turned out, not because of the pregnancy…

As she told the singer, she recently had surgery and had to rehab went to work. Because of this, she suffered a complication resulting from an overly active lifestyle.

“The rounded belly, the consequence of a recent surgery, I was forced to do for health reasons. Busy schedule and responsibility to the audience, not allowed to rehabilitate a hundred percent, and there was a complication. Swelling of the abdomen and the associated unpleasant consequences. Thank you very much, doctor in Alma-ATA, which immediately reacted professionally and took the situation under control. Guess that could be!” — said Anna.

The singer, incidentally, also revealed her plans for motherhood, she is really building for the future. “Still, I don’t want to mislead you, and I declare with full responsibility that while I do not expect the child to actively this issue I plan to do next year. Wasn’t planning to make a topic for everyone to see, but the number of calls and questions, forcing me to explain…” — said Anna.