Леру Масскву, которая едва не сгорела во время пожара, выписали из больницы Apparently, the singer of hits as “finally” and “7th floor” has improved. As reported in the press, Lera Masskva left the Institute named sklifosofskiy, where she got burns of hands and a strong poisoning.
Леру Масскву, которая едва не сгорела во время пожара, выписали из больницы

Journalists reported that 29-year-old Lera Masskva, some time ago was in the hospital after a severe fire at home, was discharged from the hospital. According to correspondents, the actress is in a satisfactory condition.

The apartment in which she lived Lera Masskva husband and founder of the group “4ехов” Pavel Evlakhov seriously injured in the emergency. Instagram actress shocking footage taken at her house. In the near future the singer is going to live with relatives.

“Unfortunately, I can not imagine the size of the disaster… From the apartment, as I explained, was a piece of bedroom and wardrobe in the nursery. Living room and kitchen burned down completely. How and why it happened we don’t know yet… we Live temporarily there where some things we have collected from friends,” wrote Leroy last week.

A large fire in the apartment of the singer occurred at the beginning of the previous week. In the night from 10 to 11 December the Lera Masskva and her husband were taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky, and the son of a pair of Plato was hospitalized in children’s hospital. Journalists reported that the singer had burns to the hands and severe carbon monoxide poisoning.

First sounded alarm neighbors, Lera and Paul. Later that night they called emergency and reported that he saw the black house the Windows of the apartment of the spouses, located on the Avenue of Marshal Zhukov. Family Masskvy managed to run out of zadumyvalos housing to the entrance, but they inhaled carbon monoxide and was urgently hospitalized before employees of special services arrived at the scene. About four o’clock in the morning the fire shrank to extinguish.

A few days after hospitalization Plato was discharged from the hospital. While his mother remained in a medical facility, the boy was engaged grandmother. “He’s all right. Means of communication, and yet restore them, we can not yet – all burned,” said the Masskva.

Plans Lera – the restoration of the apartment. The singer has admitted that he was shocked by the incident. “I don’t know what we need, I don’t know what will happen next and which side to approach this. Every morning I Wake up and I think that this is all a dream, it takes a minute but it seems like a very long time, and while I have maximum task – to get rid of at least this” – shared the actress.

Currently, the husband of Masskvy Paul Vlahov remains in the hospital, reports REN TV.