Легендарному фильму «Весна на Заречной улице» — 60 лет!
10 interesting facts about the history of the films and lives of the main characters.

Легендарному фильму «Весна на Заречной улице» — 60 лет!

Nina Ivanova, Nikolai Rybnikov

Photo: still from the film

One of the most popular Soviet films
released 26 November 1956, and a month later, in late December, was
a leader in the rental. The love story of a steelworker Alexander Savchenko, who after
change reluctantly sits at his Desk in school for working youth, to
the literature teacher, Tatyana S. Levchenko looked 30 million

Here are 10 interesting facts from the history of creation
the paintings and lives of the main characters:

1. The name of the main character Savchenko Director
tape Marlen Khutsiev and scriptwriter Felix Mironer given in honour of his master
VGIK Igor Andreyevich Savchenko.

Легендарному фильму «Весна на Заречной улице» — 60 лет!

Nikolai Rybnikov

Photo: still from the film

2. To the role of Sasha Savchenko Nikolai Rybnikov
played in seven scenes, but after the release of “Spring on Zarechnaya street” actor
became a star of the all-Union scale.

3. To get used to the way factory workers
Rybnikov helped 23-year-old Gregory Pometun, who later became a well-deserved
a steel worker of the Ukrainian SSR.

4. The role of Tatyana Levchenko Nina
Ivanov studied at the medical Institute. Well-known student of VGIK took it in
the graduation short film “Nadja”. This work saw Marlene Hutsiev, which
was looking for a heroine in “Spring on Zarechnaya street”. Play Nina so impressed
the Director that he adopted a girl who was not a professional actress,
into his painting.

5. In the film Nina Ivanova happened
the affair with cameraman Radomir Vasilevsky, immediately after they
married and settled in Odessa.

Легендарному фильму «Весна на Заречной улице» — 60 лет!

Vladimir Gulyaev, Rimma Shorokhova, Gennady Yukhtin

Photo: still from the film

6. Ivanova played in 13 films, but this
success as the “Spring on Zarechnaya street” on her screen doesn’t happen, Yes
and critics have noted the lack of acting school. So she decided to leave
movie and took a job as a nurse in the hospital. In the 90 years was shot and wrote stories
for “jumble”. Now Nina Georgievna lives in Moscow, famous for her film
remember not like, from the interview refuses.

7. The story of Sasha Savchenko and Tatiana Sergeevny
received an unexpected continuation in the film “Easy life”. In the story a young
the teacher Tatiana, who also plays Nina Ivanova comes to Moscow for a meeting
graduates of pedagogical Institute. And when the Professor turns to his
the former student by the name Levchenko, she corrects the teacher: “I’m not
Levchenko, I now Savchenko”. It turns out that the heroes Ivanova and Rybnikova still
became husband and wife.

Valentine Pugachev and Nikolai Rybnikov

Photo: still from the film

8. Rimma Shorokhova, who played the Ala Aleshin, and
performer of unrequited love with her Yuri Vladimir Gulyaev studied
one course in VGIK and by the time the shooting began, was already married. But after a few years their marriage broke up.

9. The song “When spring comes — I don’t know…” which Nikolay Rybnikov played in the film, the actor then included in all of his speeches and creative
meetings with the audience. And with this song, fans have caused him to “bis”.

10. In 2011, the year they released a color version of the “Spring
on Zarechnaya street”. Black-and-white film was colorserver direct
the participation of the Director of the film Marlena hutsieva.