Наследство Табакова начали «делить» сразу после похорон
In the media discussing what will get the wife and children of National artist after his death.

Наследство Табакова начали «делить» сразу после похорон

Oleg Tabakov

Just yesterday Oleg Tabakov conducted in the recent past and today in the press began counting the inheritance, which the national actor left his family. Journalists assessed the property of the master, namely, three apartments (with an area of 68, 116 and 164 sq m) and land artist, in 300-400 million rubles. However, according to representatives of the media, this figure does not include the capital that Oleg Pavlovich kept in personal accounts. Only for 2016, he earned about 68 million rubles, which is reflected in the statements on the website of the Ministry of culture, according to kp.ru.

It is not known whether publicly wishes Oleg Pavlovich (if it was ever compiled). It would be fair not to take this discussion to the public, because tobacco has worked all his life and earn an honest living. Moreover, a huge number of fans loved him for his creativity and not for financial situation. Oleg Pavlovich left behind a tremendous legacy in more than 100 images in film and theater, students raised from the “ruins” of the Moscow art theatre them.Chekhov created “Snuff” and the theatrical College. He made an invaluable contribution to the Russian culture, which in fact is his “legacy”.

The photo essay. Oleg Tabakov last farewell applause

However, the theme of “carve-up” of the inheritance was always interested in the audience. To claim the inheritance Oleg Pavlovich can: wife — Marina Zudina with children Paul and Mary, as well as children from her first marriage — Anton and Alexander. The latter had a difficult relationship with his father. Alexander, for example, was never able to forgive dad for abandoning the family and even appeared at his funeral, as, indeed, his ex-wife Lyudmila Krylova. But Anton is the memory of his father to honor came. It should be noted that the grieving relatives of Oleg Pavlovich now, obviously, there is no case to raised in the press “sharp” theme.