The leader of the Scooter broke off relations with the Russian sweetheart

Лидер Scooter разорвал отношения с русской возлюбленной The frontman of the German team H. P. Baxter for some time met with Muscovite Lisa, who was many years his Junior. The pair went around a lot of rumors, and the young blonde immediately became the object of attention of the paparazzi. However, the relationship of the musician with the Russian did not last long. The couple broke up.

      Лидер Scooter разорвал отношения с русской возлюбленной

      51-year-old leader of the group Scooter, H. P. Baxter and 19-year-old Lisa Leven began Dating in late 2015. Girl that is a student REU them. G. V. Plekhanov, met a musician at a concert and made a strong impression on him. Baxter was struck by its energy and mysterious look. He saw her in the crowd of fans outside the hotel in Moscow and was invited to dinner. However, the relationship of the musician and the student was not destined to last long.

      The soloist Scooter told German publications that broke up with his Russian girl-friend. According to H. P., gap has been painless for both. Probably the endless touring group and the distance between Moscow and Berlin contributed to the fact that the musician decided to stop romantic relationship with Lisa. It would seem that they were such a happy couple: Baxter celebrated together with Leuven in the New year on the German island of Sylt and introduced her to all friends.

      About Lisa little was known. She moved to Moscow from Krasnoyarsk with the family a few years ago. “They live in an ordinary rented apartment, although he is earning well. With boys a serious relationship Lisa wasn’t. Were youths who courted her, but she didn’t pay attention to them. In addition, it can only lure in the “Mania”, but in the institution Arkady Novikov. After she entered Plehanova, much has changed: moved from the ordinary circle of teenagers in the club of the majors – began daily trips to the Department store. About Scooter, she learned three years ago” – so spoke of Leven comments “StarHit” her former classmate.

      Лидер Scooter разорвал отношения с русской возлюбленной

      After breaking up ex-beloved, found solace in the company of friends. Lisa enjoys walks in the spring Moscow with his classmates. The photos in the microblogging blond periodically appears with a young man. However, she calls him only a friend.

      In turn, the leader of the Scooter are also seen together with the new girl. German media found out that Baxter had a great time on the beach with 23-year-old Lusan, a student of the faculty of architecture, who lives and studies in Berlin. “We knew each other for many years, and we’re just friends”, – said the musician.

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