The leader of the group A Studio chose the second finalist

Лидер группы A'Studio выбрал второго полуфиналиста
In Moscow took place the second concert of the festival EmporioMusicFest

Лидер группы A'Studio выбрал второго полуфиналиста

Merabova Marianne, Baigali Serkebayev

Photo: photo courtesy of the organizers of the concert

Every Thursday in the music house Baigali Serkebayev concerts of participants of the festival-contest EmporioMusicFest, which for the third year in a row held in Moscow.

In the second contest day of the festival an independent multi-format music EmporioMusicFest-3 composition of the participants was so strong and varied that it put before the jury experienced a difficult matter of choosing a single Challenger in the semifinals. The musical theme of this contest of the day was songs from movies.

A group of “Oleoresin” surprised by his understanding of folk music and to the treatment of Sergei Rachmaninoff in the unity of the Russian song culture and avant-garde rock music.

The philosophy of the music group “Oleoresin” is based on the classical traditions, bright, experimental musical forms and modern live sound. Musicians “Turpentine” are interested in the Russian ethnic creative work and the opportunity to represent it in the global cultural field. And rich sound of instruments, participating in shaping the sound of “Gum” highlights the unique, original and distinctive female vocals Daria Rubtsovoy.

Sensual and romantic the performance of a participant of the Glory of Sarka, commented a friend of the festival and producer Evgeny Orlov, who admitted that he always knew, and now have seen this first hand that soul music was invented by Gypsies.Thank shark party project Jazz Parking. Performed a duet with one of the most successful rhythm-and-Blues singer Toni Braxton, and also sang a duet with Ani Lorak.

Baigali Serkebayev

Photo: photo courtesy of the organizers of the concert

The apotheosis of the concert day suddenly for the audience was a group of Radio Kamerger, which by its own admission, began his career at the Moscow State Conservatory. Now time to play on all club venues of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the band “Leningrad”, on the birthday of the TV channel “Rain” at the festival “wild Mint”, on radio “the beacon” and “Silver rain”. Last year Radio Kemerdekaan on the same stage with Diana Arbenina in the final of the TV show “Main Stage”, and in 2016 began with the recording of two tracks on Xuman Records Studio and the release of the video for the song Radio.

And, of course, their expressive strings, brass and interpretation of the hits of Depeche Mode and Viktor Tsoi could not leave anyone indifferent from the jury, which brought them a deserved victory in this very busy competition day.

But the love and applause was unreservedly given to the special guest 8-year-old Maria, Panicaway, which for this speech out of the competition came with his mother from Novomoskovsk. His charisma, charm and resounding voice of the young Mary fell in love with the whole hall, which was applauded her performance. Maria panyukova now participates in the Vote on the First channel, and in addition has already become a Quarter finalist of “New wave 2015”, 1stepeni the Winner of the contest “Generation NEXT” and get the Grand Prix of the contest “music Parking”.

Ended with a musical evening by the announcement of the results and insights of the members of the jury in the face of the Creator of the school “Republic of Kids”, producer Yevgeny Orlov: “It is here every Thursday I charged your batteries and that charge is enough for me for a whole week. So the next every Thursday to come back here and get this endless fun!”

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