The leader of the group A Studio chose the first semi-finalists

Лидер группы A'Studio выбрал первых полуфиналистов
Passed the first day of competition Emporio Music Fest.

Лидер группы A'Studio выбрал первых полуфиналистов

Baigali Serkebayev and Lina arifulina

Photo: Dmitry Eliseev

Yesterday was the first day of the festival-contest
multi-format music EmporioMusicFest-3.

The first participants
EmporioMusicFest this year were: 18-year-old College student of pop-jazz
art Pauline Mingaleva, jazz singer Olika Gromova from North Ossetia, composer
and the participant of the project “the Voice” Ella Khrustaleva from Ryazan, Alena Zotova from the city of Samara,
the group “Bed Friends” and R’n’b artist originating from
India Warren a Webb, who was met with a storm of applause by his sensual performance.

Upon completion of the performances the jury that
on this day, Baigali Serkebaev, Lina arifulina, Evgeny Orlov, Ilya Kireev
and Yegor Sesarev, after much discussion came up on stage to announce only
one participant, who received a pass to the semi-finals of the festival. This week became winners of the Indian of the group “Bed Friends” that literally made the whole room dancing to their rousing songs.

The jury, announcing the winner, warmly thanked Baigali Serkebayev for this
the holiday, which for several years, it gives fans and listeners a good
and talented music. “Only here, in Emporio Cafe you can come every Thursday
and to hear good music, see new artists, learn new names, and
it always pleases the soul and the ears of the music fan,” says Lina arifulina. And producer
Evgeny Orlov admitted that he had waited a whole year, when, at last, again
will call in the jury, because it is not a job but a real vacation.

Baigali Serkebayev and Lina arifulina

Photo: Dmitry Eliseev

Recall, EmporioMusicFest for the third year in a row
opens its doors to talented musicians and vocalists varied
genres, and an independent jury headed by the founder of the festival — Baigali Serkebaeva,
selected from 60 participants the best, most vibrant, unique and charismatic.

It’s no secret that many of the participants of the previous seasons
festival later successfully got into the Federal music projects
“The voice” and “Main stage”, so Baigali Serkebayev with his star
friends and colleagues is not the first time open up of talented performers and
new music in our country.

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