Лидер «Коррозии металла» сел в тюрьму за поджог Montenegro has announced the results of the meeting in the case of the notorious musician Sergei “Spider” Troitsky. The musician was accused of deliberate damage of another’s property. The next few months, the flamboyant rocker will spend in jail, as reported by his successor Catherine.

      Лидер «Коррозии металла» сел в тюрьму за поджог

      Today it became known that 50-year-old Sergei “Spider” Troitsky was convicted in Montenegro for the burning of the house. The frontman of “metal Corrosion” faced up to five years behind bars, but the musician sentenced to prison for a few months. This was reported in the official group of the Trinity on his page in social network “Vkontakte”. In both cases, we refer to Catherine, the daughter of a famous artist. The girl, who attended the meeting in the case of the father, shared the results on social networks.

      “Telling all: “the Spider” imprisoned for 10 months. Soon to be known postal address for correspondence, as well as for the anniversary packages of books, Newspapers, videos, music and other things. Please attach a check envelope for reply. The list of permitted items to send and the address is reported additionally. “Spider” personally expresses gratitude to all the people who support him at a difficult time, conveys greetings and wishes of prosperity. The count went to return home,” wrote the heir to the Trinity on the page in one of social networks.

      Recall that the incident in which, investigators believe, was involved the leader of “metal Corrosion” happened in early September in the black sea resort town of Sutomore. Then in the house, which belonged to Russian citizen with the initials E. K., there was a fire. The investigation concluded that the cause was arson. Subsequently, local police found the main suspect Sergey Troitsky. Law enforcement officers removed him from the train EN route to Belgrade, and were arrested. Rocker denied his guilt and expressed a hope that will be released in the near future. Fans of the flamboyant musical group advised Trinity to hold on and not lose heart.

      Sergey “Spider” Troitsky – the showman, the founder and lead singer of thrash metal band “metal Corrosion”, founded in the 80s In 2012, he announced his candidacy for mayor of Khimki, however, the musician in his voice gave only 3% of local residents. At different times of the musician repeatedly detained in connection with various offences. So, in 2014, Trinity threatened to axe the Metropolitan staff road inspectors, and the year before rocker was found guilty of the accident. The recent decision of the court Sergey managed to appeal. Game with stars who have a criminal past