The lead singer of The Cranberries was found dead in London

Солистка группы The Cranberries найдена мертвой в Лондоне The singer of the hit Zombie Dolores O’riordan passed away at the age of 46 years. For a long time she was the soloist of the rock band The Cranberries. In 2003, she started a solo career and participated as mentor of “the Voice” in Ireland.

Today it became known that the soloist with the Irish band The Cranberries, Dolores O’riordan passed away. Her body was discovered in London, where she arrived in order to record a new song. At the moment, not misleading, what was the cause of the sudden death of the famous singer.

The band The Cranberries was formed in 89-m to year, and in 90-m the artist has replaced another soloist, Niall Quinn. Also, she was a songwriter – she came to audition with a rough version of the song Linger, which enjoyed success with the music lovers of the whole earth. The track she wrote after falling in love with a soldier who was sent to serve in the army in Lebanon.

Popularity worldwide to the Irish singer and the group as a whole came after a resounding hit Zombie. In 1994 they released their second Studio album, where this song, written by Dolores as a response to the death of two boys, victims of the bombing in the English town of Warrington, has taken a worthy place in many charts. In the same year a woman is married to tour Manager of the popular group Duran Duran. Their Union lasted 20 years – but in 2014 they decided to leave. The couple have three children – Taylor, Molly and Dakota.

In 2003, the group declares that they’re taking a little break in the work, but because Dolores decides to pursue a solo career. During this time she released an album.

Three years ago, singer has an unpleasant history – she was detained in the airport of Ireland for assaulting police officers. After hearing, the court issued a verdict and ordered the actress to pay six thousand euros. Dolores was found innocent, because at that time acknowledged that she suffers from a mental disorder.

Edition BBC with reference to the representative of the actress said that currently, relatives of Dolores can’t handle hit them with grief and please do not disturb them at such a difficult time.

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