The lead singer of the band One Direction will play in the military drama Christopher Nolan

Солист группы One Direction сыграет в военной драме Кристофера Нолана

Director Christopher Nolan is ready to sacrifice their principles and take off in the new film star, she has totally no experience in the film industry.

The Creator of “Interstellar” was offered to try their hand in film the soloist of group Ona Direction Harry Stiles.

Harry makes his debut in the film called “Dunker”, which will also star Tom hardy, mark of the Novella, anayrin Barnard and Jack Louden.

In the film, Stiles will play the role of a soldier involved in operation Dynamo, held during the French campaign in world war II. The result of the operation was the rescue of more than 330 thousand soldiers.

It should be said that Nolan is doing their best to make the film more believable as possible. When you create a “Dunkirk” Christopher decided to abandon the use of computer technologies in the quantities, as, for example, in “Interstellar” and remove the real warships.

At the moment it is known that in the film we see the real battle destroyer Maille-Breze, who, however, was launched only in the mid-50s.

In the late 80’s the vehicle was removed from fighting condition, and given over to cultural purposes, and it is a destroyer turned into Museum of Nantes. The ship has successfully fulfilled its role so far. Now the ship will be transferred back to Saint-Nazaire, where by may of this year it will be prepared for the start of filming.

The movie is due in 2017.

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