The lead singer of the band MBAND the dragon appeared

У солиста группы MBAND появился дракон
Nikita Kiosse congratulated the day of birth at the premiere of “Nikita the Tanner”.

У солиста группы MBAND появился дракон


Photo: Press service

In Moscow took place the premiere screening of the animated feature film “Nikita the Tanner”. In the lobby in the shopping center “metropolis”
the was Packed to watch the cartoon and see
members of the group MBAND wanted a lot of fans of the team. Guys
recorded the soundtrack under the title “life is a movie”, and the main character Nikita
Kozhemyako voiced singer Nikita the Kios. In anticipation of the talents of the band Members
Anatoly Artem, and all congratulated him with his birthday,
which was last week. A pleasant surprise for all became
birthday cake in the shape of a red dragon — so Nikita congratulated
and expressed his gratitude to the distributors of the film “Rocket Releasing”.

Nikita Kiosse

Photo: Press service

Recall the story: Little Nikita, the son of a famous hero, tanners, decided that
too, can defeat the dragon, as it once did his father. Despite his
bans, Nikita finds a way to get into adventures, and now only his
courage will overcome if he animated the dragon and I fall from the magic
the world back home.