Слой макияжа: контуринг – бьюти-тренд на MTV VMA 2016

On the night of August 29, 2016 in new York hosted one of the most exciting musical events of the year – the awards ceremony MTV Music Video. The most popular star for life which we are following on “Instagram”, came to the event in all their finery, the women did beautiful hair and makeup.

As in every star of the event, we noticed one trend, which brought together a large female half of the red carpet at the ceremony. How much would a makeup artists tried to return the fashion for transparent makeup, contouring possessed all the beauty of the world!

Recall that about two years ago in the beauty world has a new term – contouring or sculpturing. I want to make a thin nose, draw two vertical strips of dark contouring and back apply highlighter. To enhance the lips – make it light means the arc of Cupid, the middle of the upper lip.

Слой макияжа: контуринг – бьюти-тренд на MTV VMA 2016
Слой макияжа: контуринг – бьюти-тренд на MTV VMA 2016

Makeup is so much women around the world, which has become probably the most popular. Every self-respecting cosmetic brand there are several tools for “sculpturing” creamy, powdery, sparkling and matte. Even instructions included! Buy and learn.

The founder of a fashion trend, many believe Kim Kardashian: socialite delalias with fans the secrets of his perfect cheekbones. Kim was posted in “Instagram” pictures staged makeup.

And indeed the trendsetter for the contouring appeared in all its glory: Kardashian made a bid for sudovy makeup, with clear cheekbones.

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