The lawyers of Sergei Natascha revealed new details of the sensational stories around the “Ural dumplings”

Адвокаты Сергея Нетиевского раскрыли новые детали нашумевшей истории вокруг «Уральских пельменей»
Scandal in the show “Ural dumplings” took an unexpected turn.

Sergey Nitievskiy

Members of Sergei Natascha caught in the middle of a scandal associated with the financing of the show “Ural dumplings”, gave the official response to the allegations of the producer and the actor: “we Have no official
data that against Sergei Natascha a criminal case reported by some media. But notably,
this information appeared in the press a week after the Ninth Arbitration
The appellate court of Moscow invalidated the transaction made by the Deputy.
Director General Orlov E. A. on behalf of OOO “idee fixe media” in favor of the company
“Ural dumplings prodaksh” on granting rights for processing 73
programs “Ural dumplings”. Thus, the court questioned the legality
receiving “the Ural pelmeni production” in the amount of 230 million rubles!

The court
found that Orlov E. A. acted in collusion with the late General
the Director of “Ural dumplings production” Buttercup A. M. and caused the company
“Idee fixe” Media damage. Established by the court circumstances can provide
the basis for excitation against Orlova E. A. the criminal case under article
“Fraud”. Apparently, the new Director of “Ural Dumplings” went for broke!

“Ural dumplings” was engaged in the organization of concerts only
Yekaterinburg and nothing to do with the shooting and production of TV programmes for STS
in Moscow had. In
2009, launching the “Show Ural pelmeni” on STS, Nitievskiy Sergey one of
the whole team moved to Moscow, and in 2012 set up a production company
“Idee Fixe” Media-producing TV programs, including UE.

actors and authors of “the Ural pelmeni” have direct contracts with production
company “idee Fixe Media” and for the years 2012-15 got her in the end, about 290
million rubles! As
Nitievskiy could harm “THE Ural pelmeni”, which is not
directly had no ties with the company “idee Fixe Media” — is unclear! Why
former colleagues claim the fruits of his production work, if they like
the producers didn’t do anything — they came to Moscow just for the shooting, as
actors and authors, and the rest of the work on the creation of television programs
did the production company “idee fixe” media?

Natascha believe that the current head of the “Ural dumplings” eagles
and members of the team spread this information to provide
pressure on Natascha Sergei solving corporate disputes and avoiding
Evgeny Orlov responsibility for their actions. Lawyers for the producer won
all courts against Natascha. And this case, if it is the same
hopeless as his circumstances are not true.
I hope that the relevant authorities will sort out this long-standing corporate
the dispute between artists and producer.”