Адвокат Деппа хочет добиться признания Эмбер  Херд «психически нестабильной»
Laura Wasser gave his version of recent events.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Fotodom.ru

The case of
domestic violence in the family of amber heard and johnny Depp is becoming more and more
confusing. In a weekend amber had to testify under oath
the fact that Depp, she says, she was beaten. Specifically for this actress flew in from London, interrupting shooting. But on Monday her lawyer, Samantha Spector said that the representative of the Depp Laura Wasser kept her ward in his office all day, but the testimony was never taken. Instead, Wasser and her associates have tried to achieve with amber agreement about what her testify! To negotiate, both parties failed, and the questioning did not take place.

And yesterday,
three days after the failed meeting in the office of the attorney Depp, made a statement, Laura Wasser. In her presentation of the story is
completely different. Laura says that amber made a horrible
tantrum to testify refused! Counsel claims that amber, being in her office, “uncontrolled crying” — most likely, by assumption of the lawyer, the actress is mentally unstable. Said Vasser could believe,
if not for one detail. The conclusion about the fragile psyche of the actress allows Laura to make a claim to prevent amber heard to testify in court. And it will almost certainly lead to
the case will be resolved in favor of Depp.

Meanwhile, each opposing side tries to strengthen its positions, collecting their “army”
witnesses. And johnny is clearly in the lead. In support of ready
to speak more than 20 people, while the herd managed to attract
side only 7 witnesses.

It is expected that the hearing in the court, as it was announced on August 17. And the judge extended the decree
forbidding johnny to come closer to amber.

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