The Lautner made the list of stars who starred in a bad movie

Лотнер попал в список звезд, снимающихся в плохом кино

Fans of the sexy werewolf from twilight in shock. As fans of Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan and Cameron Diaz…

In the USA there are a lot of ratings. Almost every month, declare the best, worst actors, sexiest, richest… And why not calculate those, who acted in mainly a failure? Apparently, so thought the leaders of the American news site Vox and thought who the celebrity is often played in frankly a bad movie.

Making your rating, journalists were guided by several criteria: take into consideration the opinions of the critics about the paintings, and I chose actors who have more than ten works in the filmography there is at least one tape which has grossed no less than $ 30 million, and preferably again at least one film come out in the last five years.

The result was two lists of 15 actors and 15 Actresses, whose films have won the worst reviews.

In the men’s ranking the first place went to Rob Schneider, who became famous thanks to the film “Man on call”. On his account a huge number of comedies, and 69% of them considered a failure!

On the second place with Adam Sandler, who played with drew Barrymore in the movie “the wedding Singer”. He has a 54% bad pictures.

Followed by (surprise!) Ashton Kutcher. Its popularity diminished after the scandalous divorce from demi Moore. Behind him Kevin James from the film “Rules of removal: Method hitch”, and closes the top five worst pet teenage girls Taylor Lautner – the werewolf Jacob from “Twilight”!

By the way, one of the most sexual actors of the planet Jason Statham in this rating also fell, he got 10th place.

Not less unexpected were the names in the female list. In first place with 70% of failed paintings Jennifer Love Hewitt from “I know what you did last summer”. However, that few people were surprised. But Jessica Alba, situated on the second line, simply shocked fans. 57% of her works are rated negatively. Who would have thought!

The third place earned by Katherine Heigl. Her most famous role of Dr. Izzie Stevens in the TV series “grey’s Anatomy”, for which she even won an Emmy award. In vain the actress left the series, after her career began to decline.

On the fourth line Denise Richards from the movie “starship troopers”, and coexists with it in fifth place Alicia Silverstone (“Game gods”).

But the opening was in the middle and at the end of the rating. The actress, the public praises and believes insanely successful, actually… not so successful at the box office!

Hit the list and stars such as Megan Fox (6th place), Jessica Biel (7th place), followed closely by j-Lo (8th), Lindsay Lohan (9th place), Sarah Jessica Parker (10th place), Sharon stone (11th), Salma Hayek (12th), and then Mila kunis, Cameron Diaz, and closes rating Halle berry.

Many fans refuse to believe that movies with their favorite bad. But, as they say, the facts speak for themselves…

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