The latest developments in welding inverters

Новинки сварочных инверторов

Convenient welding inverters already out of the market, transformer welding machines. The portal Prison highlighted the novelties of this year.

Новинки сварочных инверторов

Have welding inverter has many advantages: high performance, low weight, small dimensions. Every year manufacturers release dozens of new models. About new 2017 read more.

1. Frame 76N039. The novelty of 2017 with the current characteristics:

  • voltage — 230/400 V;
  • number of phases — 1;
  • maximum welding current of 250 A.

Since the model is still relatively new, find information reviews more difficult, but on the website you can see not only prices but also features, and already the opinion of buyers.

Новинки сварочных инверторов

2. Frame 76N035. Welding inverter from the same manufacturer with the following characteristics:

  • voltage — 230 V;
  • number of phases — 1;
  • maximum welding current of 180 A.

If you compare the two new products of one manufacturer, the second is cheaper with similar characteristics.

Новинки сварочных инверторов

3. EDON MAG-300. Chinese brand, which specializiruetsya in the production of welding equipment in the current year presented an interesting novelty. The company’s products mainly intended for the external market and already well recognized. Thus, the model MAG-300 has the following set of characteristics:

  • protection class — IP21;
  • weight — 18 kg;
  • built-in power voltage;
  • the coil is 5 kg.

Новинки сварочных инверторов

Welding machine inverter type is the best option for the novice welder and professional. This versatile device with good performance and an optimal set of characteristics.