«Последние пять лет я ношу парики»: Кира Найтли о проблемах с волосами

Actress keira Knightley told honestly how work and motherhood have affected the condition of her hair and why the last five years, she wears wigs.

On screen keira Knightley (Keira Knightley) often changes the color and length of hair. In an interview with InStyle magazine, the actress admitted that because of the constant coloring, she began to have serious problems with hair.

“For different roles I dyed my hair in almost all existing colors. As a result, the hair began to literally pour from my head. Therefore, during the last five years, I wore wigs, and this is the best thing that ever happened to my hair,” said the actress.

Knightley also noted that the condition of her hair was the impact of motherhood. 25 may 2015 she was born the daughter of Edie (Edie Righton).

“I have very curly hair that after birth they became 10 times denser. Now they turn into dreadlocks — complained the actress. — Untangle and can only Tangle Teezer. Thanks to her, I avoid creases. In addition, every two or three days I use a leave in conditioner. Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco forms the curls and makes your hair smell of coconut.

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