The last episode of the season of “Game of thrones” has broken three records

Последний эпизод сезона «Игры престолов» побил сразу три рекорда
Fans of the series will eagerly continue to wait.

The last episode of the season of “Game of thrones” has broken three records

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The seventh and final
episode of “Game of thrones”, which is called “the Dragon and the wolf” was just a superstar. First of all, never
first — all seven seasons — no
of the episodes not watched so many viewers, it saw a total of 16, 5 million. 12 of them
millions watched it on HBO, and four more are in the Internet. Interestingly, the final
the previous episode, the sixth season we collected a total of 8, 9 million viewers. And
the previous record of the series belonged to the fifth episode of the seventh season — 10, 7
million people.

The number who saw it
viewers, this episode of “Game of thrones” strongly eclipsed the record of another TV show — “the Walking dead”, which until yesterday, was proud of his
“max” — 11, 35 million
peeking his people . In addition, the final episode
the seventh season set another two records of the series. First, he became the longest
of all duration — 80 minutes. And secondly, they concluded
the season was the shortest. After all, for example, the last, the sixth season consisted of
the ten episodes.

Now fans of the series will be
look forward to continue following, of the eighth season. The only thing
upsetting fans of “Game of thrones” —
the fact that the series will end: this season will be the final.