The last clip Linkin Park with Chester Bennington blasted the Network

Последний клип Linkin Park с Честером Беннингтоном взорвал Сеть During the day, the video for the song Talking To Myself looked more than five million Internet users. The video appeared on the Youtube channel of the rock band, in the morning, when the leader of the group was found dead at his home in Los Angeles.

On the eve of the foreign tabloids reported the tragic news. The leader of the rock band Linkin Park Chester, Bennington was found dead at his home in Los Angeles. The news of the suicide shocked his colleagues of the musician, after a few hours they had scheduled a photo shoot. According to foreign publications, in just a few minutes after the death of Bennington on the Youtube channel of Linkin Park released the music video for the song Talking to myself. The song is included in the latest released album One More Light. From 27 July to 5 November the group was planning a world tour, dedicated to the presentation of the plate.

In the video Talking to myself collected the highlights of group’s performance. Footage from the concerts are replaced by fragments of rehearsals and touring. About a day the clip had been viewed more than five million people. Fans mourn for the deceased rocker. Many fans say that literally grew up on the songs of Linkin Park. Some netizens believe that every “like” the video is a prayer for the repose of the soul of Chester. The leader Linkin Park committed suicide

It was rumored that the latest album from rock band turned out to be less successful than expected by the band members. According to fans, the Bennington suffered from depression. In addition, several years ago, he abused alcohol and was treated for drug addiction. Besides, Chester had problems with health, and he has repeatedly appealed to the doctors. In 2004, the rocker underwent surgery for the correction of the lens.

Fans remember a talented musician. Many striking is the fact that Chester decided to go to a friend’s birthday, the leader of the band Soundgarden, Chris Cornell. His friend has killed himself on may 18 at a hotel in Detroit. Russian fans of Linkin Park launched an online flashmob under the hashtag #RussiaPrayForChester.

“I’m shocked, heart broken, but it’s true. Official statement will follow as soon as we have it appears,” wrote a colleague of Bennington, Mike Shinoda on the personal page shortly after the news of the death of the musician.

Most of the fans are struck by the fact that the widow of Chester, of Talinda, began to appear very contradictory record. The tweets, written ostensibly on behalf of the wife of the artist, dealt with the alleged murder of Bennington. It turned out that her account was hacked. In addition, the Network appeared the frame with the note by the musician’s son, Tyler.

“Daddy, enjoy your rehearsal or whatever you’re doing today. Love life, because she – “castle of glass”. Tyler” – written on the sticker.