The Kristovskiy brothers, which was a trouble

У братьев Кристовских случилась беда
The ex-wife and children of the soloist of group Uma2rman lost a roof over your head.

Vladimir and Sergey kristovskie

Sergei Kristovskiy the night before, has experienced the strongest stress. He burned a country house located in the suburbs. As it became known, the fire occurred until reasons in a nearby townhouse owned by his Director. But the fire quickly spread to the adjacent house of the artist.

Fortunately, during a fire nobody has suffered. Quenching was engaged several teams of the fire service. Open fire on the area 400 sq m managed to localize only when one of the two buildings burned down. Vladimir, the brother of the singer, arrived at the scene of the fire and together with their neighbors watched on what is happening.

According to some reports, in the house on a regular basis lived ex-wife of Sergei. After the divorce he supposedly left the “family nest” Natalia and four children from his first marriage. Spokesman, by the way, information about the fire confirmed. “The information is true, the house of Sergey Kristovsky was hurt, firefighters work at the scene of the fire. No one was hurt. This is a joint townhouse with a house of our concert Director Eugene Lazarev”, — quotes the representative of TASS.