The knight: how to create a good design for small apartment

Ход конем: как создать удачный дизайн для небольшой квартиры Small living space often forces its owners to sacrifice beauty, style and comfort for the sake of functionality. In fact, when you need to cram into a small space all the necessary, difficult to sustain a single style. And the elements and does turn into regrettable excesses.

    Ход конем: как создать удачный дизайн для небольшой квартиры

    Is it possible to make beautiful small apartment while saving scarce square meters? Which style is suitable for the design of housing and what it is better to refuse? How to make furniture and textiles to work on a common idea? This was on real projects “StarHit” said the interior designer, expert PROFI.RU Elena Tambiev.

    So, you have a small apartment, but high requirements for its aesthetics. Where to start? Definitely — with planning decisions!

    Make a list of everything necessary for life, determine the location of objects furniture, appliances. It is important to know not only the size, but also to consider which way the doors open and the doors of the cabinets. If the new interior is necessary to enter previously purchased furniture or a large painting — just define a place for them to after the repair, they did not look alien objects. Provide storage not only for clothing but also for large household items like Ironing boards and mops. The layout is 80% of success of your interior.

    A little bit about the storage system:

    If the apartment is not possible to organize even a tiny storage room, choose furnishings with storage space.

    You can use:

    bed with drawers or a lifting mechanism

    – built-in wardrobe from floor to ceiling, is painted in the color of the walls, along one of them

    large shelf built around the perimeter of the window, balcony

    – Ottomans with storage space in the hallway.

    There are simple solutions that can help make a small space more functional. To do this, sometimes enough to abandon habitual patterns and replace massive pieces of furniture with something lighter and more compact.

    – Instead of bulky shelves and drawers hanging open modules

    – Instead of clothes — hanger open

    – Instead of kitchen chairs, Ottomans on wheels, they can be easily moved and quite roomy inside.

    – Instead of a coffee table is a stack of decorative suitcases, which can be used as additional storage space.

    Ход конем: как создать удачный дизайн для небольшой квартиры

    When everything is thought out functionally, you can choose the style — it depends on what construction-repairing materials, furniture and accessories will suit you.


    Ход конем: как создать удачный дизайн для небольшой квартиры

    Scandinavian style is very popular, it is often chosen and the owners of spacious apartments, which could be an additional plus. Your house guests will appreciate not the size of the premises, and adherence to fashion trends.

    The interior is dominated by natural materials: wood, fabric, glass, fur, etc. It adds space, comfort and typical Nordic pastel colors: beige, light gray, light green. An added bonus is the optical zoom of the space, as will be detailed in the article.

    Someone simple Scandinavian style may seem mundane. But don’t forget to add the interior of the bright elements. However, it is necessary to observe moderation. Enough red cushions on the sofa, green vase on the windowsill or a blue nightstand next to the bed.

    Nordic style (as well as for small spaces apartments) is very important to have natural light. It should be a lot. So try to access the Windows. Curtains better to choose light, from light natural fabrics that easily passed the sunlight.

    Good decision — nautical theme, photographs, posters.

    Ход конем: как создать удачный дизайн для небольшой квартиры

    Good choice: Use white, beige or light gray plaster. For one of the walls, select light wooden panels. For the floor best suited the light wood flooring.


    Ход конем: как создать удачный дизайн для небольшой квартиры

    Externally, the minimalism may resemble the Scandinavian style, but not so simple as it seems. If you prefer a minimalist, use the built-in furniture with a clear geometry and no decorative fittings. The furniture should look like part of the wall. Nothing more!

    Minimalism is a great solution for small apartments, because the main feature of this style is the use of multi-environment: transformers, built-in furniture. The more free space remains, the better.

    Good choice: the Floors and walls should be smooth, so give preference to a textured plaster or paint. Finish floor — parquet or screed close to the wall color or, on the contrary, emphasized the contrast. Finishing materials should be homogeneous: wood, steel, glass. The furniture should be a clear geometric forms. Fixtures built or concise manner. Welcome small color accents in the decor and textile.


    Ход конем: как создать удачный дизайн для небольшой квартиры

    Brutal and difficult, not everyone is suitable for life style loft assumes an open floor plan. In other words, the apartment must be practically partitions. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom only functional areas that are divided by color contrasts or light translucent walls-screens. It is clear that for families of three variant not the most convenient.

    But the benefits of this course design can play in your favor if used in the interior of the individual elements of the style loft. For example, lack of partitions and doors adds your apartment scarce square footage.

    A good choice:

    – Brick masonry, pipes, rough plaster — all in another space would look like a defect in the loft turns into a effect!

    Elements of the “old and dilapidated” in the loft, perfectly complemented by modern appliances, chrome surfaces and furniture in high-tech style, which is lighter and more compact than, say, classic

    – Furniture works in the area zoning: a sofa or a wardrobe-a chest of drawers instead of the wall — a huge space saving

    – Non-standard accessories: graffiti, posters, road signs — everything that comes into my head can be in the loft part of the decor.


    With the English word “fusion” (fusion) is translated as “fusion, fusion”. Style, involving the Union of several traditions in the same space, sometimes understood as a lack of style. But in fact, the design project is one of the most difficult.

    But if you are ready to unleash the imagination and create their own unique “cocktail” in the interior, fusion just made for it. There are a few rules that are worth remembering before proceeding to independent creativity.

    – The interior should not be overloaded with details

    – Choose rich, but not necessarily in harmony with each other in color

    – Pick the furniture is not just different in style, but matching or harmonious at the same color, texture and materials

    A good choice:

    – The combination of different large prints and ornaments

    Elements from different eras: velvet retrograde and mirror in openwork frame on the background for a minimalist finish

    – Decorative panels of unusual shapes.

    Idea for decorating: tapestry sofa in a classic style pair of armchairs with ethnic ornament.

    Of course, a small apartment can be designed in any style. We all know that classic, Provence, the English style can exist as in palaces, and in small spaces. But complicated styles need to consider the proportions of the premises, adequacy of furniture and decorative elements. All aspects are hard to translate into the harmonious interior by yourself. So, if you want to live in good old England, contact these professionals, you can always find on PROFI.RU