The king of Spain presented the award to the visibly aged Antonio Banderas

Король Испании вручил награду заметно постаревшему Антонио Бандерасу
A serious illness reflected in the appearance of the actor.

Король Испании вручил награду заметно постаревшему Антонио Бандерасу

Antonio Banderas and the king of Spain Felipe VI


56-year-old Antonio Banderas has received considerable
of honor: from the hands of the king of Spain Felipe VI, the actor received the award Camino Real
Prize for achievements in dissemination and promotion of the Spanish
culture worldwide through his art. Ceremonial presentation
held at the University of Alcala
in Madrid.

Antonio came to the ceremony dressed in an elegant suit and
white shirt with black tie. And not one, and accompanied by his impeccably dressed girlfriend Nicole Kimpel, who is younger by almost 20 years.

Present at the event
could not help but notice that the actor looks doesn’t matter. He has visibly aged, and his
hair thinned. And white beard, too, did Antonio younger. However,
it is not surprising, because in the beginning of the year the actor became seriously ill.

26 January appeared in the press reports
what Banderas
suffered a serious heart attack. He was urgently hospitalized
after being in his British estate in Surrey, felt
a sharp pain in his chest. Later, Antonio confirmed this information. “Indeed, in January I happened to have a seizure. But he was not
too serious and has not caused significant harm to my health!” — cheerfully
said the actor. Later, however, Antonio said that as soon as he had
received medical treatment, doctors operated on him, setting three of the stent. This is needed to prevent a repeat of the incident. However, the fact of such
the operation, whatever may be said of Banderas, attests
problems with his health.

Antonio Banderas and Nicole Kimpel