А король-то... нищий! Миллионер Вакка оказался должником

Creditors are attacking the star of Instagram from-for million debts.

A couple of weeks ago the life of a businessman and a millionaire of Gianluca Vacca was like a fairy tale. It seems that it was a place except endless entertainment, delicious treats and of course… dancing on the boat and in the company of charming nymphs. But to marry him wanted every other girl. All right, except for a small detail. Vacca is a few years in debt!

In Russia dancing’s a millionaire dropping for a reason.

“Creditors attack it from-for million debts. And now, to repay at least some part of the debt, Gianluca found himself in Russia of an agent and earns money for the corporate events. Danced once received a nice check for 40 thousand Euro”, – said teleproducer Alina Red, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

News fans surprised, but not upset… So the commercialism of girls is certainly not to blame! Indeed, many felt that Wakka is so good that they are willing to feed him and his salary. Among the fans of the stars appeared Olga Buzova. Blonde, recently separated from her husband, already danced with Wakka and exchanged phone numbers.