Убийце Джона Леннона в девятый раз отказали в освобождении

61-year-old prisoner mark Chapman left to serve his time in prison for premeditated murder. This decision was made by the judicial Board of three persons, thereby denying petition for men on parole.

The media attention focused on this criminal purpose. It Chapman deprived the world of one of the most talented musicians of the last century, a songwriter and member of the Beatles John Lennon.

As reported by the NewYork Daily News, over the past year had received five letters with the recommendations to release the 61-year-old prisoner and one letter of protest from the widow of Lennon, Yoko Ono.

Recall that the fatal shot mark Chapman made 8 of December 1980. Then the man was taken into custody, and later he received a decision of life imprisonment with the right to apply for exemption after a certain period of time.

He’s already nine times filed a petition for early release, and in 2014, mark said that turned to faith and repents of the crime. Next time he will be able to ask the court to change the measure of restraint in two years.

By the way, soon there will be an auction where collectors can compete for the right to possession of the vehicle, which previously belonged to John Lennon.

The car Austin Princess, released in 1956 in the UK, was acquired by the musician in 1971. Rarity will be sold together with the original document on its registration signed by Lennon.

Feature of this car is not only who was informed by its owner, but also the interior design. On the idea of its Creator, placed inside the car not an ordinary car seat, and the seat itself that neither is a real plane.

By the way, this car was involved in the filming of the joint film Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono called Imagine in 1972.

The auction is scheduled for September 7 and it will be held in London. The starting price for such a unique lot 330 thousand dollars.

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