Ключ от кладовки «Титаника» продан за 104 тыс. долларов

The wreck of the gigantic ship “Titanic” in the beginning of the 20th century was certainly one of the biggest events. Hundreds of dead people is, of course, a tragedy, which for a long time, many regretted. But Director James Cameron has offered to look at the history of the Titanic with a few other hand, are more romantic and introduced the world to the eponymous film, which to this day is one of the favourite for millions of fans.

“Titanic” became so popular that people who are obsessed with the history of this ship in their possession at least a small part of what would remind them of the story. The auction house Henry Aldridge & Son have provided wishing such an opportunity and auctioned off the key to the storeroom of a sunken liner.

It is in this cellar was stored the life jackets that might save a few more lives.

A key was found near the body of the steward Sydney Nedunuri and delivered to his widow. The relic was kept in the family for over a hundred years and sold the other day for 104 thousand dollars.

The auction also sold a postcard that was sent to the senior operator of the vessel. Paid for it 23 thousand dollars.