The Kardashian sisters are dissatisfied with the actions of black Tea

Сёстры Кардашьян недовольны действиями Блэк Чайны

Feeling the Kardashian sisters did not disappoint their model black chyna turned rotten person who were plotting to Rob their brother Rob and become popular on their popular name.

Recall that Rob and chyna broke up a month after the birth of their daughter, Renee dream. The reason was published by the hackers correspondence, black and her friends with lawyers. During the conversation she flattering spoke about the father of her child, and with the lawyers he had consulted on how to properly throw the groom to stay with his name and money. After a showdown with a very shocked Rob the woman took the child and left, leaving him perplexed and suffering for this reason.
Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, who had previously appealed to the court demanding to ban black to use their name, now flatly refuse to accept attempts to Rob my mother of her first child.
“They are very angry and think that black its actions defames their good name. They hate China more than ever because it is literally destroying everything they worked so hard to build. Got brother. Kim does not want to have anything to do with black nor with Rob and finds that they are his fictional dramas spoil the impression about the whole family,” said the insider.
The suspicion that all the scandals between Rob and black fiction, confirms an insider, saying that even “the empty house” without China and daughters, which was published by Rob on his page in the social network after her departure, was done before she moved in with him. And kiss Kardashian and model the next day, after a quarrel and not dispelled doubts about its performance.
“They consider themselves masters of the manipulation of the media and know that the more drama they create, the longer their show,” says an insider.